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Welcome to Greg French

We’re excited to welcome Greg French to our team!  Greg is passionate about cash flow and financial planning and client service and joins us with over 5 years of experience in the financial services industry.  As a licenced mutual funds and insurance advisor, Greg understands the importance of having a financial plan to meet financial goals.  As a member of our team, Greg is committed to offering the highest level of service to our clients

What is a Financial Plan?

A financial plan is a written document that looks at your entire financial situation, current and future. It identifies your goals and lifestyle, clarifies your current position and outlines specific strategies that should be put in place in order to meet your future goals and protect what you’ve got.

Check out this video from the Financial Planning Standards Council:

Strong Demand for Group RRSPs at work

Having a group RRSP makes a big difference for employees – especially if there is an employer matching element involved and 69% of Canadians say they would leave a job without a group RRSP for a job that has one.

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