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What Should You Do About a Falling Stock Market? Nothing.

“If you had a perfect ability to predict how far the market would fall and when it would bottom out, it would make sense to move money in and out. But you do not.”

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New data says the majority of Canadians are interested in workplace financial education

A recent survey by the Canadian Payroll Association states that over 84% of employees would be interested in obtaining financial education programming in the workplace.  This isn’t news to us because this is something we already do!  Financial Literacy and Financial Wellness are topics we cover with employees in workplace seminars because we know that over 40% are impacted by financial stress and that it impacts their performance.

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What is a Financial Plan?

A financial plan is a written document that looks at your entire financial situation, current and future. It identifies your goals and lifestyle, clarifies your current position and outlines specific strategies that should be put in place in order to meet your future goals and protect what you’ve got.

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Strong Demand for Group RRSPs at work

Having a group RRSP makes a big difference for employees – especially if there is an employer matching element involved and 69% of Canadians say they would leave a job without a group RRSP for a job that has one.

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