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At Buss Financial Group, it’s our business to protect your business.

If you own a business, planning for your company’s financial future and taking care of your employees may seem overwhelming and expensive. You may know that having an employee benefit plan or a group retirement plan will help you keep and attract good employees, but perhaps you aren’t sure what is best for your company or if they are affordable.

Plan design consulting is critical to the ongoing viability of a Group Benefit Plan. Whether you choose a Traditional or Pooled Benefit Plan, a Health Care Spending Account or a Self-Funded Plan, your group plan will be designed and customized benefit to meet the needs of your company. Our clients range from companies with hundreds of employees to small businesses with one employee.

We are committed to keeping you up-to-date on the latest market and legislation changes so you can make the most informed and cost-effective decisions possible. Coordination with Provincial plans ensure that you are not paying for unnecessary claims.

Annual renewal reviews ensure you are getting the best value at renewal time by evaluating the rates, usage and renewal projections. It’s always our goals to reduce costs without reducing benefits.

Group Disability Insurance

A single disability policy that covers many people.

Group Life Insurance

A single life insurance policy that covers many people. It is offered by an employer to its employer as part of the benefit package.

Group Health and Dental Plans

These plans offer coverage for medical expenses that aren’t covered under the provincial health plan. Plans are often customized and can include prescription drugs, vision, hospital, paramedical and dental expenses.

The Buss Pass™

Business Owner Solutions

Business owners have unique needs. You assume great risk in owning your own business and it is important for you to have security wherever possible. By putting specific programs in place we can ensure your business is protected from creditors in the event of unexpected death, disability or critical illness of a partner or key person.

Offering Employee Benefit Plans and Group Retirement Savings Plans can attract and retain good quality employees. These plans will not only protect your employees and their families they will look after of your most valued business asset.

Business Owner Solutions can include:

Key Person Insurance

Key Person Insurance will ensure your business is protected in the event of unexpected death, disability or critical illness of a key person.

Business Overhead Insurance

Business Overhead Insurance works much like a personal disability policy, however it will cover the costs of maintaining your business expenses while you are unable to work. Expenses can include wages, rent, utilities, property taxes, property insurance premiums, business furniture and equipment, business loan payments and more.

Buy/Sell Insurance

Funding your buy/sell agreement through insurance ensures that money is available to buy the shares of a deceased or disabled owner. Life insurance provides the necessary dollars at a far lower cost than borrowing to fund the buy-out. We can work closely with your lawyer and accountants to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Individual Pension Plans

Individual Pension Plans are one way for owners to invest corporate dollars in their own retirement and may prove more effective than RRSPs. You can move money from the business into a registered plan and deduct the contribution as a business expense.

Welker and Associates Trustees in Bankruptcy

For me, business is about the bottom line. I want my profits high, costs low and save tax whenever possible. With the help of Buss Financial Group, I now have a Health Care Spending Account making the most of my after tax dollars.

Medpoint Health Care Centre

Retaining good employees is important to me, but as a small business it’s sometimes difficult to compete with the large corporations when it comes to employee benefits. Tammy showed me options that made it possible. Thank you.

Lubnow Restorations

We’ve tried benefits in the past, but just couldn’t keep the cost under control. Tammy showed us how a Health Care Spending Account could change all that.

CertaPro Painters

As an administrator for CertaPro’s plan, I haven’t had a conversation with anyone from Buss Financial that wasn’t: replied to promptly, efficiently, immensely helpful, or friendly! I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Dowler-Karn Limited

Our partnership with Buss Financial has spanned many years. They have been a great source of help & support to our employees and our organization. The great staff at Buss Financial have certainly made our job easier!

Forever Homes

Like many small business owners, I tossed around the idea of employee benefits for a long time, but found it costly and time consuming.  Tammy understood.  She’s been there too. The difference is that she specializes in small business benefits.  Tammy customized a plan that is both flexible and cost effective.