Retirement Planning

Now is the time! A clear financial plan will help you get there.

Canadians are living longer, which is great but it also means that our retirement savings will likely need to last upwards of 20 years! How much you need in retirement will depend entirely on the goals you have today, as well as in retirement.

We will take into account your CPP, OAS, RRSP and Pension Plans to help you determine when you can retire and show you how to get there.

Retirement planning doesn’t just stop there. Once you retire we will help you structure your retirement income in the most tax efficient way possible so that you can relax and enjoy your retirement to the fullest!

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Source: Franklin Templeton Retirement Income Strategies and Expectations (RISE) Survey, 2015

Dowler-Karn Limited

Our partnership with Buss Financial has spanned many years. They have been a great source of help & support to our employees and our organization. The great staff at Buss Financial have certainly made our job easier!

Forever Homes

Like many small business owners, I tossed around the idea of employee benefits for a long time, but found it costly and time consuming.  Tammy understood.  She’s been there too. The difference is that she specializes in small business benefits.  Tammy customized a plan that is both flexible and cost effective.

Medpoint Health Care Centre

Retaining good employees is important to me, but as a small business it’s sometimes difficult to compete with the large corporations when it comes to employee benefits. Tammy showed me options that made it possible. Thank you.

Lubnow Restorations

We’ve tried benefits in the past, but just couldn’t keep the cost under control. Tammy showed us how a Health Care Spending Account could change all that.

Welker and Associates Trustees in Bankruptcy

For me, business is about the bottom line. I want my profits high, costs low and save tax whenever possible. With the help of Buss Financial Group, I now have a Health Care Spending Account making the most of my after tax dollars.